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NYE 8pm – very late. £10, limited to 100 ADVANCE TICKETS ONLY – get them quick!

NOTE: All attendees MUST be costumed. (There will be a Cube costume making workshop in the run up… )

Available now :

A psychedelic,shamanistic, end of it all EXTRAVAGANZA celebrating / commiserating the year The Cube set out to secure itself! See the running total/contribute here:

This final fund & roof raiser will feature Jesse Morningstar’s FANTASY ORCHESTRA fresh from wowing us all at the Don’t Look Now event at Bristol Old Vic exploring the psychedelic from Hendrix and outward to spin your through our special equinox ..
Also playing live will be REPOMAN with their ace noise rock/post-punk/pysch stylings and the off kilter synth and drums duo Y CVn.There’ll also be a special set of improvised cosmic synth madness later in the bar from VOSTOK
Cube Disc Jockees will be spinning all kinds of tribal,psychedelic and ritualised body music and there will be mind spinning video visuals from Mr Hopkinson too.

The theme is inspired by the WILDER MANN photographs of Charles Fréger : see here:

Shamanic full body costumes that occur in different forms in all cultures.

Tickets will be STRICTLY limited to 100, and there will be NO admittance without a costume!

There will be a Cube costume making workshop in the run up…

Respond how every you want in discovering your spirit character – it could be like Vic & Bob’s ‘Man With The Stick’ or the Mighty Boosh’s ‘Old Gregg’ as much as ‘The Burryman’ or ‘Pelzmärtle’ . . . allow them to emerge for the moment.

So get prepared, and you can Join in for the very special microplex equinox – a microplexinox if you like – the final countdown for the success or failure of the freehold project to secure the building for the arts forever . . . plus the arrival of 2014!

Gothmag #63 – Paris Christmas Party


Dimanche 15 decembre, Le Chinois, 6 place du Marché, Montreuil, M° Croix de Chavaux 19-23h; 5€.
Le Greatness Of The Magnificence Fête de Noël avec DEUX ORCHESTRES!
Le Fantasy Orchestra qui revisitera des morceaux fantastiques composés par Ennio Morricone, Jimi Hendrix, et Bollywood.
La Band’Originale – fanfarmonie de cinémusique francais. voir

Sunday 15 december, Le Chinois, 6 place du Marché, Montreuil, M° Croix de Chavaux; 7-11pm; 5€. The Greatness of The Magnificence Christmas Party with TWO ORCHESTRAS! The Fantasy Orchestra and choir – performing music from Ennio Morricone, Jimi Hendrix, and Bollywood. La Band’Originale – Parisian fanfarmony interpreting french film music.

i repeat two orchestras guys! so put that on your christmas tree and smoke it!
also the fantasy orchestra still requiring encore des violons si vous on connaissez

#07 – Christmas of the GoThMag – 22/12/01

Christmas of the Greatness of the Magnificence

22nd December 2001
@ Bristol Folk House, Park Street,  Bristol
£6/£5 (Cheaper If You Dress With Seasonal Greatness and Magnificence)

“indulge in this sensual heavenly music… a totally decadent experience.” – Guardian

Fresh from their recent tour, the Morning Star Small Orchestra which comprises a violin quartet, flute, accordion, flugelhorn, clarinet, saxophone, backing singers as well us the usual line-up of double bass, drums and guitar, will be performing well loved Christmas favorites (featuring V.I.P. Guest Vocalists) as well as songs from their recent album “My Place in the Dust”.


“like music remembered from a ZX Spectrum game soundtrack” – BBC Online

The Toy Orchestra return to G.O.T.M. to perform a very special kind of Nativity Play.

“indescribable” – Freaky Trigger
After their recent  nose-bleed inducing performance at the London Greatness, TCFTS(IST) return to Bristol to perform   dirty astro-stomp pieces like “Beer of The Gods”

* Loads of Acoustic Acts in Café
* Video Art/Projections/Slideshows
* Poetry, Dancing and Other Bohemian Stuff Like That

Christmas Concert


> Café

> 8.30 Jude and Adam

> 9.00 Solar Mumuns

> 9.30 Keepers choir

> 10.00 Chief Tonka

> 10.30 Patrick Duff

> 11.00 Johnny & Slide

> 11.30 Andy (The Message)






> Hall

> 10.00 London Toy Orchestra

> 11.00 carollettes (Gabriels Message, Mozart,)

> 11.10 They Came From The Stars

> 12.00 MorningStar SmallOrchestra



> Keepers Set List


> river is flowing

> many rivers to cross (with jim and Brendan)

> masters of war (with trompete, adam, jim and Brendan)

> green leaves of summer (with jim and Brendan)

> spanish eyes (with jim, trompete, poshpete, adam, boris, Trevor, brendan,

> becky and ben)

> cuckoo (with jim, trompete, poshpete, adam, boris, Trevor, brendan, becky

> and ben)



> MorningStar Set List

> 1) I heard Beauty (with b singers))

> 2) Shake It Together (with b singers)

> 3) Little Donkey (calypso)– Duncan Inseminator (with carollettes)

> 4) Little drummer boy – Tammy (errol on drums)

> 5) Silent Night(calypso) – Rob Madnomad (with carollettes)

> 6) Bleak Mid-Winter – Patrick (with carollettes)

> 7) Inbetween times (with b singers)

> 8) Too Soon (with b singers and carolletes)

> 9) White Christmas Patrick (with carollettes)

> 10) Away In A Manger (dub)– Rob Madnomad (with carollettes)

> 11) Wonderful Christmas time

> 12) One Love




The Greatness Of The Magnificence

This series of events was created in 2000 by Jesse d Vernon and a heavenly host of helpers. The idea is that any creative idea is possible, regardless of resources so let’s aim for the highest in quality, good taste, LoL subtlty, irony etc and the result can’t fail to be The Greatness Of The Magnificence (even if it’s also quite rubbish).

Here’s a quote from a song by The Moonflowers called The World’s Most Famous Unknown People which illustrates the concept quite nicely:

“The Worlds most famous Unknown People
In these progressively backward times
Carelessly precious with dreams that are real
More brilliantly crap than anything else”

Logo By Lady Lucy


#61 29 April 12 Still Looking For Ennio, Cube Microplex
03 March 12 Greatness Orchestra Plays Morricone, Cube Microplex
23 feb 12 Looking For Ennio, St Georges Hall, Bristol
11 Nov 11 Presenting the Return Of The Moonflowers, Cube Microplex
#57 18 June 11 Sing Along A Disney; Greatness Allstars at the Cube
#56 19 Feb 11 Dreaming With Joni Mitchell, Greatness Allstars at the Cube Microplex
#55 26 Nov 10 Wrestling With Ennio Morricone; Cube Microplex – The Gothmag Orchestra, The Rumble-ohs, Sue Taylor, Pop Parker
#54 15 Oct10 A Swing Through The Doors, Greatness Allstars at the Cube
#53 25April08 TORONTO-A-GO-GO! O! CANADIANA! Cube Microplex
#52 26 Jan 07 Austrailiana, cube Microplex. Greatness allstars
#51 24August07.. Leonard Cohen2..La fleche d’Or Paris..
#50 03August07..Neil Young2..Cube Cinema, Bristol..
#49 24July07.. Velvet Underground2.. La fleche d’Or Paris..
#48 26June07..Neil Young..La fleche d’Or Paris….
#47 23December06 Elvis Christmas
#46 14Oct06..David Bowie2… La fleche d’Or Paris..
#45 01Sept06..David Bowie.. Cube Cinema, Bristol..
#44 27thJuillet06.. Tom Waits2… La Fleche d’Or Paris….
#43 23Sept05. ..MirrorMan… A Night for the Lefthanders..
#42 3 Sept 05 A Dreaded Night Of Electric Guitars Seymours Family Club
#41 22July05.. A Tribute To The Birds… Cube Bristol…
#40 02April05 ..Waltzes… Cube. Orchrestra Cube. Peter Reynolds Cafe Vienna, Morningstar..
#39 22nd Jan05 ..The Wind. A Windy Night At The Cube… Orchestra Cube..
#38 17december2004 Shanties. What Did We Do With The Drunken Sailor at Seymours Family Club featuring Stables Family Band, The Pill Wailers, MorningStar, The Silver Bullet Band and many more
#37 5nov04 Mellow Dynamite – Seymours Family Club – The Liftmen, This Is The Kit, Johnny Vistic
#36 25th Sept04 ..A Merry Night Of Whistling… Cube Cinema..
#35 3Sept04 Guitars Nightmare – Seymours Family Club, bristol
#34 21st Aug04 ..The Sadness – Saddest Music In The World….
#33 10th July04 ..Tom Waits… Cube…
#32 4th June04 ..PsychoHillbilly.. at Seymours…Greatness Allstars, Darren Robert, Rose, The Silver Bullet Band
#31 30 May 04 Lets Sing The Beach Boys, singing workshop at Bar Unlimited
#30 21st May 04. ..Chet Baker (The Chetness). Cube..
#29 15 May 2004 GOThMag presents Venn Festival, Cube Microplex
#28 9 may 04 Lets Sing Doo-Wop. a singing workshop at Bar Unlimited, glouc rd, Bristol
#27 3rd April04. ..Dollywood.. songs of Dolly Parton at the Cube…
#26 19th March04. .. the Electric Church… Seymours. MorningStar, ValleyForge, Starlings, The Weary Band. + readings…
#25 13thMarch04. ..Serge Gainsbourg… Cube…
#24 31stJan04. ..Captain Beefheart Night. ..Cube Cinema……
20th Dec03. ..Here Comes The Night… Cube. Liftmen, Don Mandarin, Relentless, War Against Sleep. Jimmy Goodrich…
#22 10th Oct03. ..Riffs and Quiffs… Seymours. Andrea Hernandez, Zumbida, MorningStar, Emily Breeze, Jess Love DJ..
#21 23rdAug03 ..The Velvet Underground night… Cube Cinema. Live music and film…
#20 28June03. ..Nina Simone Night… Cube Cinema. Live music and film…
#1913th June03. ..New Exotica at Seymours… Ovak, Malarchy, The MorningStar Trio, Something Blue, Cosmic Beppe..
#18 2nd May03. ..Spring Rites at Seymours.. with Fuzz against junk, Loopforce, Hazel Winter, Caroline Martin, The Applejacks (bluegrass dancing and playing) and Victoria Vlasova (from Moscow)..
#17 20th April03. Cube Cinema. ..Bob Dylan.. afternoon/evening event showing films Eat The Document, Reynaldo and clara and Live music from all and sundry…
#16 5th April03 ..FoolsDay… Cube. They Came From The Stars, Jesse’s Electric Trolly, Vaught Increment…
#15 28th March 03. ..Baroque at Seymours… I Am The Mighty Jungulator, The Bay Rocks, Theatre from Hannah Roe, Classical music from Rhizomatic, The MorningStarlets..
#14 1st Feb03 ..Chinese New Year… Seymours Family Club. Liftmen, Gravenhurst, Morningstar, Annie Mcgann…
#13 24 Jan 03 ..Armegeddon Time… LOKI (portsmouth), williams and evelyn and the gothmag allstars..
#12 26 Oct02 ..Messy Night… Seymours. George Claridge, Invisible Pair Of Hands, Issacs Family Band, War Against Sleep, The Fabrics..
#11 Friday 25th Octo02 :..Sunrise at The Cube.. Silent Night Murnaus classic 1927 film with live soundtrack from MorningStar/keepers + Punch and Judy – Svankmajer 1966 (9mins 20secs) with live soundtrack by War Against Sleep. Possibly another film too…
#10Friday 5th July 2002 ..Spaghetti Night.. at Seymours Family Club.Featuring Tammy Paynes new group ‘The Jukes’ + Morningstar SmallOrchestra, Annie Mcgann poetry, War Against Sleep and Munter…
#09 5th-12th December 2002..Greekness Of The Magnificence Festival… . Mooz, Invisible Pair Of Hands, MorningStar, Patrick Duff, War Against Sleep, Jukes, Don Mandarin…
#08 13th Sept 02… Accidents And Safety… Seymours. Bronnt Industries, Patrick Duff, MorningStar….
#07 22/12/01 ..Christmas of the Greatness of the Magnificence….
#06 17/11/01 Stoke Newington
#05 21oct01 Morning Star Launch “My Place In The Dust release party with: Zumbida, Patrick Duff and DJ Mr Hopkinson
#04 23/06/01 ..Urban(e) Countryside Festival….
#03 20/04/01 ..Cabaret….
#02 23/02/01 ..Rock’n’Roll….
#01 – 23/11/00 ..Easy Listening Noir….

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