#03 – Cabaret – 20/04/01

Poster by John Minton

Fri 20th April 8pm at The New Trinity Community Centre, Old Market, Bristol. £7/6 (further door reductions for those who dress with greatness or with magnificence)

A night of easy-listening noir, cabaret toilet poetry, orchestras and choirs, dance, installation art, and projections, with dancing to finish. This one’s practically a festival!

The event will be in three sections:
Part 1. A Cabaret featuring mainly lots of bands playing fairly acoustically but also involving some dance acts and maybe a bit of poetry.

Part 2 : Two more rocked up bands for the full psychedelic band experience. These being Mooz and They Came From The Stars (I Saw Them).

Part 3 : A chance for the audience to get more involved with the possibility of dancing while not having to watch anything in particular. The Twonk Sound System present ‘easy listening verses fucked-up noise’ – dj’s and art terrorists working against perfect harmony. See below for details.


1. Dan Ashton
2. Bill Carghill
3. MorningStarSmallOrchestra present part of their latest work ‘a symphony of fools’
4. London Toy Orchestra : live edutainment with the sound of plastic tooting.
5. Patrick Duff : the man from Moon and Stranglove plays a short set with his highly acclaimed and beautiful new small combo. Songs of Blood with High Folk and some intimations of the Gothic.
6. a possible appearance from The Keepers of the fire mixed voice choir

7. Mooz : Coveted local girls done well present a new set of songsculpture in this their first gig of the year.

8. They Came From The Stars (I Saw Them) : who are the musical group beyond the description that could be. But think chaos, kraut rock and Faust and you’ll be getting there – even if you don’t know what that is.


presented by the Twonk Soundsystem (dj’s from They Came from the Stars + Molotov Organisation) : easy listening vs. fucked up noise inna twostyle soundclash – 1 hour, 3 decks, 1 microphone, 4 very different dj’s and a bunch of toys. (ffi goto http://www.molotov.org.uk)

BogArt will be providing Spontaneous Art Spaces.
PROJECTIONS from Sid Fossil

here’s a review from the Big Issue


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