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Gothmag#29 Venn Tag Team

#29 15 May 2004 GOThMag presents Venn Festival, Cube Microplex

About 15 acts performed each act took up half of the stage and played for 20 mins. the next act would begin 5 minutes before the end of the previous. a curtain hung on a washingline across the stage was employed to mask the act once finished (and encourage to finish on time/ begin on time)

here’s the full show.. i’m not sure which act appears when but i think it starts with bucky and you can hear the keepers of the fire around 50mins in

#36 – A Merry Night Of Whistling

#36 25th Sept04 ..A Merry Night Of Whistling… Cube Cinema

full concert here

1. intro – Give a little whistle
2. Don the whistler – The Entertainer
3. Don the whistler – Love is all
4. Don the whistler – Blue danube
5. Merry Milkmen – Kill Bill Theme
6. Merry Milkmen – Tumbling Tumbleweed (whistler Mary)
7. Merry Milkmen – Deep Night (whistler mary)
8 Merry Milkmen – The Dancing Tambourine (whistler Kate)
9. TITK – Jealous Guy
10. consort of whistles – piece by henry VIII
11. consort of whistles – piece by thomas fardynge
12. Mr Hopkinson explains about wheat crunchies
13. Dennis Teeth – Raindrops keep falling on my head
14. Richard Craine – Mexican Whistler
15. Virpi – Lovely Head
16. Old Macdonald game
17. Rozi Plain – Big Chief
18. Julienne Raggoo – September Song
19. Keepers of the fire – Sitting at the dock of the bay
20. don the whistler
21. Whistle while you work finale
(22.consort of whistles rehearse)

Gothmag#27 -The Dollyness -03/04/04

A celebration Of Dolly Parton the night featured:

1.”Jolene” – Lady Lucy;
2.“Joshua” – Ondia;
3. “Bargain Store” – Neil Smith;
4. “River Of Happiness” – Hannah Godfrey and Jane;
5. “Islands In The Stream” – Maddy and Jimmy
6. “Coat Of Many Colours” – Paul McGuinness
7. “Harper Valley PTA” – Hazel Winter
8. Short performance by Brenda Waite
9. Cash On The Barrelhead – Darren Swindells
10. Everything’s Beautiful – Kat and Jesse
11. Dumb Blonde – Katkin Allen
12. Love Is Like A Butterfly – Jesse Morningstar
13. Little Sparrow – Maddy Longhurst
14. I Will always Love You – Hannah Raw
15. Islands In The Stream – Jimmy Goodrich
16. Cash On The Barrelhead – encore
17. Joshua

podcast here


The Band was: Paul McGuinness -bass; Jamie Whitby Coles – drums; Joff – banjo; Clare Mctaggart – violin; Kat and Maddy – Bvox; Rasha – sound and Jesse guitar

Gothmag#33 Tom Waits – 10/07/2004

We had some wonderful contributors. here’s a podcast of some of the highlights.

The Tom Waitsness

tracklist as follows:

RomanHead – Blue Valentines
Darren Swindells – Jersey Girl
Paul McGuinness – Downtown Train
Ella and The Goat Man – I Beg Your Pardon
Kate Stables – Alice
The No Man Band – Emotional Weather Report
Johnny Angel – Gin Soaked Boy
David Green – Raindogs
Marcos O’Sullivan – Heart Attack and Vine
Mary Southcott – Little Drop Of Poison
Jimmy Goodrich – Innocent When You Dream

#58 11Nov11 Return Of The Moonflowers, Cube Microplex

Friday 11 November / 8pm / £6/5

The Greatness Of The Magnificence presents songs of the Legendary Moonflowers, performed by original members of that psychedelic music collective whose chaotic presence was felt in the late ’80s and ’90s locally and nationally. Music celebrating Eggsistance.

The Night as it was streamed from the cube

Video streaming by Ustream

Get Higher from a few peoples cameras:

#61 29 April 12 Still Looking For Ennio, Cube Microplex, Bristol

A spaghetti extravaganza with full orchestra and choir.

(Sun 29th April / 8 pm / £7 on the door, £5 advance)

Fresh from their triumphant performance at St George’s, the Greatness of the Magnificence present their magical and evocative ‘Looking for Ennio’, a celebration of the Spaghetti Western’s composer-king Ennio Morricone, perhaps the most prolific figure in film music.

The Rumble-O’s
Taking their cues from Tarantino’s surf selections, Joe Meek’s new world, Budd and Bizet, the four-piece Rumble-O’s project their intergalactic instro’s into the heart of ’62 and return aboard Dick Dale’s Fender reverb tank.


Heres the live stream recorded for posterity….