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Gothmag#29 Venn Tag Team

#29 15 May 2004 GOThMag presents Venn Festival, Cube Microplex

About 15 acts performed each act took up half of the stage and played for 20 mins. the next act would begin 5 minutes before the end of the previous. a curtain hung on a washingline across the stage was employed to mask the act once finished (and encourage to finish on time/ begin on time)

here’s the full show.. i’m not sure which act appears when but i think it starts with bucky and you can hear the keepers of the fire around 50mins in

#36 – A Merry Night Of Whistling

#36 25th Sept04 ..A Merry Night Of Whistling… Cube Cinema

full concert here

1. intro – Give a little whistle
2. Don the whistler – The Entertainer
3. Don the whistler – Love is all
4. Don the whistler – Blue danube
5. Merry Milkmen – Kill Bill Theme
6. Merry Milkmen – Tumbling Tumbleweed (whistler Mary)
7. Merry Milkmen – Deep Night (whistler mary)
8 Merry Milkmen – The Dancing Tambourine (whistler Kate)
9. TITK – Jealous Guy
10. consort of whistles – piece by henry VIII
11. consort of whistles – piece by thomas fardynge
12. Mr Hopkinson explains about wheat crunchies
13. Dennis Teeth – Raindrops keep falling on my head
14. Richard Craine – Mexican Whistler
15. Virpi – Lovely Head
16. Old Macdonald game
17. Rozi Plain – Big Chief
18. Julienne Raggoo – September Song
19. Keepers of the fire – Sitting at the dock of the bay
20. don the whistler
21. Whistle while you work finale
(22.consort of whistles rehearse)

Gothmag#34 -The Sadness – 21Aug04

Programmed to go along with a canadian film about sadness The Saddest Music In The World we put together an event based on this theme with a prize for the saddest song… i think Tammy Payne won but a blurry eyed night was had by all.

Here’s the whole event MP3

and here individual tracks:

Tammy Payne – I’m Still Waiting
Tom Morgan – Pieces
Rose Randle – Dreams To Remember
Ella and The Goatman – Weeping song
Andy Taylor – Late Night
Maddy Longhurst – Go, Leave
Katerina – Gloomy Sunday
Moses – Flute Solo
Jesse Morningstar – When We Love Again
Carolyn – A Sad Song
Jet McDonald – Can Can
Julienne Raggoo – Is That All There Is
Zuleika Gregory – If You’re Happy and you know it
Finale – Eleanor Rigby

Gothmag#27 -The Dollyness -03/04/04

A celebration Of Dolly Parton the night featured:

1.”Jolene” – Lady Lucy;
2.“Joshua” – Ondia;
3. “Bargain Store” – Neil Smith;
4. “River Of Happiness” – Hannah Godfrey and Jane;
5. “Islands In The Stream” – Maddy and Jimmy
6. “Coat Of Many Colours” – Paul McGuinness
7. “Harper Valley PTA” – Hazel Winter
8. Short performance by Brenda Waite
9. Cash On The Barrelhead – Darren Swindells
10. Everything’s Beautiful – Kat and Jesse
11. Dumb Blonde – Katkin Allen
12. Love Is Like A Butterfly – Jesse Morningstar
13. Little Sparrow – Maddy Longhurst
14. I Will always Love You – Hannah Raw
15. Islands In The Stream – Jimmy Goodrich
16. Cash On The Barrelhead – encore
17. Joshua

podcast here


The Band was: Paul McGuinness -bass; Jamie Whitby Coles – drums; Joff – banjo; Clare Mctaggart – violin; Kat and Maddy – Bvox; Rasha – sound and Jesse guitar

Gothmag#33 Tom Waits – 10/07/2004

We had some wonderful contributors. here’s a podcast of some of the highlights.

The Tom Waitsness

tracklist as follows:

RomanHead – Blue Valentines
Darren Swindells – Jersey Girl
Paul McGuinness – Downtown Train
Ella and The Goat Man – I Beg Your Pardon
Kate Stables – Alice
The No Man Band – Emotional Weather Report
Johnny Angel – Gin Soaked Boy
David Green – Raindogs
Marcos O’Sullivan – Heart Attack and Vine
Mary Southcott – Little Drop Of Poison
Jimmy Goodrich – Innocent When You Dream