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NYE 8pm – very late. £10, limited to 100 ADVANCE TICKETS ONLY – get them quick!

NOTE: All attendees MUST be costumed. (There will be a Cube costume making workshop in the run up… )

Available now :

A psychedelic,shamanistic, end of it all EXTRAVAGANZA celebrating / commiserating the year The Cube set out to secure itself! See the running total/contribute here:

This final fund & roof raiser will feature Jesse Morningstar’s FANTASY ORCHESTRA fresh from wowing us all at the Don’t Look Now event at Bristol Old Vic exploring the psychedelic from Hendrix and outward to spin your through our special equinox ..
Also playing live will be REPOMAN with their ace noise rock/post-punk/pysch stylings and the off kilter synth and drums duo Y CVn.There’ll also be a special set of improvised cosmic synth madness later in the bar from VOSTOK
Cube Disc Jockees will be spinning all kinds of tribal,psychedelic and ritualised body music and there will be mind spinning video visuals from Mr Hopkinson too.

The theme is inspired by the WILDER MANN photographs of Charles Fréger : see here:

Shamanic full body costumes that occur in different forms in all cultures.

Tickets will be STRICTLY limited to 100, and there will be NO admittance without a costume!

There will be a Cube costume making workshop in the run up…

Respond how every you want in discovering your spirit character – it could be like Vic & Bob’s ‘Man With The Stick’ or the Mighty Boosh’s ‘Old Gregg’ as much as ‘The Burryman’ or ‘Pelzmärtle’ . . . allow them to emerge for the moment.

So get prepared, and you can Join in for the very special microplex equinox – a microplexinox if you like – the final countdown for the success or failure of the freehold project to secure the building for the arts forever . . . plus the arrival of 2014!

Gothmag #63 – Paris Christmas Party


Dimanche 15 decembre, Le Chinois, 6 place du Marché, Montreuil, M° Croix de Chavaux 19-23h; 5€.
Le Greatness Of The Magnificence Fête de Noël avec DEUX ORCHESTRES!
Le Fantasy Orchestra qui revisitera des morceaux fantastiques composés par Ennio Morricone, Jimi Hendrix, et Bollywood.
La Band’Originale – fanfarmonie de cinémusique francais. voir

Sunday 15 december, Le Chinois, 6 place du Marché, Montreuil, M° Croix de Chavaux; 7-11pm; 5€. The Greatness of The Magnificence Christmas Party with TWO ORCHESTRAS! The Fantasy Orchestra and choir – performing music from Ennio Morricone, Jimi Hendrix, and Bollywood. La Band’Originale – Parisian fanfarmony interpreting french film music.

i repeat two orchestras guys! so put that on your christmas tree and smoke it!
also the fantasy orchestra still requiring encore des violons si vous on connaissez

Gothmag#29 Venn Tag Team

#29 15 May 2004 GOThMag presents Venn Festival, Cube Microplex

About 15 acts performed each act took up half of the stage and played for 20 mins. the next act would begin 5 minutes before the end of the previous. a curtain hung on a washingline across the stage was employed to mask the act once finished (and encourage to finish on time/ begin on time)

here’s the full show.. i’m not sure which act appears when but i think it starts with bucky and you can hear the keepers of the fire around 50mins in

#36 – A Merry Night Of Whistling

#36 25th Sept04 ..A Merry Night Of Whistling… Cube Cinema

full concert here

1. intro – Give a little whistle
2. Don the whistler – The Entertainer
3. Don the whistler – Love is all
4. Don the whistler – Blue danube
5. Merry Milkmen – Kill Bill Theme
6. Merry Milkmen – Tumbling Tumbleweed (whistler Mary)
7. Merry Milkmen – Deep Night (whistler mary)
8 Merry Milkmen – The Dancing Tambourine (whistler Kate)
9. TITK – Jealous Guy
10. consort of whistles – piece by henry VIII
11. consort of whistles – piece by thomas fardynge
12. Mr Hopkinson explains about wheat crunchies
13. Dennis Teeth – Raindrops keep falling on my head
14. Richard Craine – Mexican Whistler
15. Virpi – Lovely Head
16. Old Macdonald game
17. Rozi Plain – Big Chief
18. Julienne Raggoo – September Song
19. Keepers of the fire – Sitting at the dock of the bay
20. don the whistler
21. Whistle while you work finale
(22.consort of whistles rehearse)

Gothmag#34 -The Sadness – 21Aug04

Programmed to go along with a canadian film about sadness The Saddest Music In The World we put together an event based on this theme with a prize for the saddest song… i think Tammy Payne won but a blurry eyed night was had by all.

Here’s the whole event MP3

and here individual tracks:

Tammy Payne – I’m Still Waiting
Tom Morgan – Pieces
Rose Randle – Dreams To Remember
Ella and The Goatman – Weeping song
Andy Taylor – Late Night
Maddy Longhurst – Go, Leave
Katerina – Gloomy Sunday
Moses – Flute Solo
Jesse Morningstar – When We Love Again
Carolyn – A Sad Song
Jet McDonald – Can Can
Julienne Raggoo – Is That All There Is
Zuleika Gregory – If You’re Happy and you know it
Finale – Eleanor Rigby