Gothmag#34 -The Sadness – 21Aug04

Programmed to go along with a canadian film about sadness The Saddest Music In The World we put together an event based on this theme with a prize for the saddest song… i think Tammy Payne won but a blurry eyed night was had by all.

Here’s the whole event MP3

and here individual tracks:

Tammy Payne – I’m Still Waiting
Tom Morgan – Pieces
Rose Randle – Dreams To Remember
Ella and The Goatman – Weeping song
Andy Taylor – Late Night
Maddy Longhurst – Go, Leave
Katerina – Gloomy Sunday
Moses – Flute Solo
Jesse Morningstar – When We Love Again
Carolyn – A Sad Song
Jet McDonald – Can Can
Julienne Raggoo – Is That All There Is
Zuleika Gregory – If You’re Happy and you know it
Finale – Eleanor Rigby

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