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TOS #02 The Flattened Fifth

The Flattened Fifth
track list:
1. Mars (The Bringer Of War) – Holst.
short chat with Prof Neil Smith from the University of Dissonation
2. Purple Haze – Jimi Hendrix
short chat with Mark Slater
3. Piece about Antoine Fabre d’Olivet (read by Maddy Longhurst)
4. Maria  (from Westside story) – Leonard Bernstein
5. Devils Chord – Chikinki
6. Tritone subsitution – with Prof Neil smith
7. Is This Desire – PJ Harvey
8. The Simpsons Theme – Sonic Youth
10. Bull In The heather – Sonic Youth
11. Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath
Mark Slater flat 5 in history
12. Caprice 13 in B-flat Major “Devil’s Laugh” – Katrina Andreyevka
13. Ship Of Death – The Invisible Pair Of Hands
talk with Rasha from Mooz
14. Pepper Pot – Mooz
15. Blue Sands by Chico Hamilton Quintet
16. Raised Four – Thelonius Monk

#30 The Chetness at The Cube – 21 May 2004

This event featuring songs once performed by Chet Baker had an amazing house band: Clive Deamer – Drums; Dan Moore Keys, Jim Barr – Bass; Adrian Utley – Guitar; Dolan Jones, Pete judge and Dave Mowett – Trumpet.
Also Paul Bradley and Neil Smith – Guitar. There was a great mix of music professionals and um non-professionals and one of the few times you’ll hear Clive Deamer or Pete Judge singing.

If anyone has any pictures of this please send my way or post. Here’s most of the evening on mixcloud. Or here’s the podcast:

#09 The Greekness Of The Magnificence 5-12 Dec 2002

In association with friends of Maria Tzardi from Athens, we organised a short trip to Greece for: Jukes, MorningStar, Patrick Duff, Mooz, Don Mandarin, War Against Sleep, Plug and the Invisible Pair Of Hands.

8 bands consising of 12 people (illustrated above by Jim) who were: Rasha Shaheen, Amy Jarlett, Tammy Payne, Paula James, Jessica Marlowe, Jim Barr, Duncun flemming, Rich Beale, Jesse Vernon, Patrick Duff, Adam Coombs and Sebastien Carbonelle (who came from belgium).

The three nights we staying in Athens were all together in a bed and breakfast. very nice!

Duncan later edited a short video of the trip

The shows were mostly in The Small Music Theatre in Athens which we played three consecutive nights. Then we got the train to Salonika.


Patrick, Sebastien and Adam

Rasha and Jesse

Invisible Pair Of Hands with guest sax player, tammy and rasha sing

Don Mandarin

A meal alltogether

visit to the Akropolis

here’s some video:

1000 Dreamers – Jukes from Small Music Theatre, Athens. from .

Keepers Of The Fire – Morning Star from Salonika Club Ydrogeios, The Greekness Of The Magnificence on Vimeo.

Fucked – Patrick Duff from The Greekness Of The Magnificence, Salonika Club Ydrogeios on Vimeo.

Greekness Running Order

Small Music Theatre Athens Friday 6th Saturday 7th Sunday 8th

8.30 – 9


9.40 – 10.20

War Against Sleep

9.15 – 9.45


9 – 9.30

Jukes short set

10.30 – 11

Morningstar solo set

10 – 10.30

Don Mandarin

9.45 – 10.45

Patrick Duff band

11.15 – 11.45

Don mandarin

10.45 – 11.45


11 – 12

Invisible Hands

12 – 1


12 – 1

Salonika Club Ydrogeios Tuesday 10th

5.30 – 6


6.10 – 6.30

Morningstar solo set

6.40 – 7.10

War Against Sleep

7.20 – 7.50

Don mandarin

8.10 – 8.50


9.05 – 9.45


10 – 10.45


11 – 11.45

Patrick Duff

12 – 12.45

Invisible Hands