TOS#01 The Chromatic Scale 07/07/04

This program originally broadcast 7th July 2004 attempts to demonstrate the chromatic scale through appropriate songs.

1. Duke Ellington –┬áCaravan (in Em but must have thought it was in C)
2. Hank Harry – Turn Around (C#m)
3. The Loft – Why Does The Rain (D)
4. Ray Charles – Somewhere Over The Rainbow (in Eb)
Paul Bradley talks
5. Organelles – Our Tunnel (starts in Em)
6. Django Reinhart – Nuages (in F)
7. Tom Waits – Walkin Spanish (F#m)
8. Lyndsey Cockwell – Scratched Folk (G)
9. Gerri Miller with The Magic Tramps – Mama Look At Me Now (Ab)
10. Silver Bullet Band – Don’t You Take It too Hard (A)
11. Jukes – Song Of Saints (Bb)
12. Marc Gauvin – Nadia (Bm)

listen here

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