tHE pIANO hAS bEEN dRINKING (Who's Tom Waits?) 10th July 2004

All Photos by Hugh Spiller ( Click on the pics for larger images

Mr Bear

The NoMan Band

Miss Fox
is musical director of the NoMan Band

David Green
sings 'Raindogs'

Jimmy Goodrich
sings 'Innocent When You Dream'

Bethany Porter

Jon Fergie-Woods
sings 'Gin Soaked Boy'

Marcos O'Sullivan sings 'Heart Attack And Vine'


Mary Southcott sings 'A Little Drop Of Poison'

Zuleika sells icecream

julienne sings 'A New Coat Of Paint'

Paul sings 'Downtown Train'

Mr Bear

Darren sings 'Jersey Girl'

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